black is the new B L A C K

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 07:40 -- animalsynergy

Black animals are overlooked at shelters - it is time for this to change*
If you suffer from BAS (Black Animal Syndrome) you’re not alone. This is a treatable condition that affects thousands of creatures annually. The good news: Black Animal Syndrome can be solved with a simple prescription of one ingredient: a li’l bit of awareness. Did you know black animals spend far more time languishing in shelters than do their not-black brethren? Betcha also didn’t know we can change this.

It is time to C E L E B R A T E black animals, kick this stereotype to the curb, and give Black the props it deserves.  And let’s face it – Black looks great on everyone. It’s sophisticated & dignified. Black is not only prestigious it happens to be slimming (your companion animal will not only make you look better, she/he will look good while loving you) stains don’t really show on black - so accidental drippings of paint on your companion animal are not a problem, black animals look younger which makes you look younger - and when they do age - black becomes a beautiful classy gray.

Just look at Buttercup (see FB). She beat the odds and now she serves as an ambassador for not only the black animals overlooked at the shelter, but also the amazing and inspiring black pit bull mix.

So - the theme is now -black is the new Black - let us celebrate these beautiful animals & adopt (or foster) one from the shelter today.