the foster see-saw

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 08:11 -- animalsynergy

If you’ve found yourself on the foster seesaw and feel apprehensive about opening your life to an animal in need, please know two things:
1. You are not alone, and 2. You can do it.

Nobody ever regretted saving a life. Yes, people have called me, scared and confused, and wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into. But once they give it a shot, they call me back and tell me fostering is the best thing ever, and that it’s changed their lives in countless positive ways.

When we step out of our comfort zones and open our hearts, magical & brilliant things happen. It takes time to change a life, particularly one that is damaged. And like a lot of challenging endeavors in life that end up being incredibly rewarding, people initially talk themselves out of fostering. They think it’ll be too hard to let the animal go to its forever home. They think they’re not home enough, or that their partner won’t like it. These challenges are understandable, but they’re not insurmountable. We psych ourselves out because we’re scared of the unknown, but the unknown is where the magic lies.

Everyone I’ve met who has fostered is so much stronger than they give themselves credit for. You are braver than you think! While fostering can be trying at times, adjustments can be made and in a few weeks, you can’t believe you used to think you couldn’t do it. Remember – these animals are at the shelter, in a kennel, often alone and scared. You can adapt your lifestyle and your home can be a refuge for them, a place of warmth and love. Your heart can be an inspiration to them. Please – the time is now to open your hearts & homes to foster or adopt a shelter love nugget today. They need you. We need you. There is so much love in the world; let’s start sharing it.