Katie kisses

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 13:34 -- animalsynergy

Katie Kisses & Thoughts from a Foster

"For Katie . . .You bounded out of the shelter’s door straight into my arms and heart. A gentle giant of a girl, who took treats from my palm as though they were rare, delicate diamonds of delight.

Your eyes so bright, your gait so graceful, with a strength of being that belied your years. I opened the door of my small car, wondering if you would fit, your very spirit seemed bigger than life itself! Yet, in a single leap you landed behind the wheel, ready to GO . . . ready for a new life, new hope, full of promise and longed for joy to come.

You’ve been with me in my home a mere two weeks, yet you’ve become like a friend from long ago. Ever by my side, happy, ready to play, to explore, loving our walks and meeting new friends, two and four legged. Neighbors, and strangers alike, stop to say hello and quickly become ardent admirers. “How beautiful she is,“ they say. I smile and quietly think, if they only knew the depth of soulful essence behind your beauty. Beneath the coal colored coat with speckled collar and forelegs, to my eyes and heart, I see and know you to be a teacher, a true gift upon this path we walk together for awhile.

Great Dane, Cattle Dog, Black Lab? You are in appearance, a mystery, yet your loving nature is true of heart, forgiving, and constant. To me you are a treasure. How you could be neglected, abandoned, uncared for, forgotten, and left to wander alone is beyond my understanding, but you are here now, you are safe, and you are loved. The resilience of a deep and loving heart has no beginning and no end.

Is it hard in truth to foster such a being? No, it is an experience beyond measure. Open your home, open your heart, and your life . . . your Katie is waiting . . . trust."

In gratitude,