Thoughts from a Foster

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:51 -- animalsynergy

As we depart on our journey up north to Tinkerbell's forever home I wanted to share the beautiful bond between Judith & Tinkerbell-

"I wrote Carla that Tinkerbell had given me “new courage of heart.” The words came to me suddenly, but I knew they were deeply true, even though I had not thought of the experience of fostering, caring for, and ultimately loving her in that way, until that moment.

We all have life challenges. We frequently shut down emotionally, even when we do care. Tink was in pain, needed immediate medical care badly, and the rescues were full. There was no one else to foster. I truly felt I had no choice. And so, she came into my life. “You’ll be her bridge” a friend wrote to me. I liked that. Simple, and uncomplicated emotionally, without deep commitment. Did I have reservations? Of course. Until I held her in my arms, watched her dance with joy at meal time, savor every blade of grass on our walks as though for the first time. Until I felt her little heart beat as she softly slept, curled up in my arms, trusting me.

We lose ourselves in the survival of everyday, yet too often miss what living truly is. Tinkerbelle taught me that from the moment she entered my life. She took me “out of me” . . . the unimportant, meaningless day to day activity that was, totally got re-wired, when she opened my heart.

Courage to dare to care for another living being, open myself up and risk being vulnerable, hurt, or worse, unknowingly not be able to be there for her in the way she needed? You bet, all that was present and on the table. But the opposite happened, this tiny, beautiful, near blind little dog with a tail that would not stop wagging, would not stop saying “Give me a chance . . . let me show you what love is,” did just that. New courage of heart? Absolutely! Thank you, Tinkerbell . . . forever and always."

Fostering is ESSENTIAL in the NO KILL = LOVE movement

Foster today & begin to change the world. Together, we absolutely will.