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It’s Official – The Red Cross LOVES Synergy!
We are so honored to have received a 2013 Red Cross Real Heroes award! This prestigious award is given each year to courageous individuals and organizations who have made a commitment to creating a stronger community. Carla Naden, founder and Director of Synergy, was given the Animal Welfare Award for her inspiring work as a humanitarian (animalitarian) who selflessly dedicates her life to rescuing geriatric, special needs, and terminally ill cats and dogs at animal control. It feels amazing to have been given such an esteemed award, and it warms our hearts to know the community supports our animal rescue work. Our animals are all jumping for joy (well, those who can jump are jumping; the others are happy howling) with all this unexpected but very welcome attention. Even the newspapers are talking about us!


The Art of Saving lives. By San Diego Magazine :


Our nuggets are making waves on the front page! Check out this amazing article in the San DIego Union Tribune.


Today we’re extra grateful for…
Many amazing things, but The Del Mar Times deserves an extra special thank you for their support & coverage of our First Annual Surf 'N Paws event. When we come together, collaborate, support, Little by little, bit by bit... these small steps add up to make a giant impact on the well being of our community’s most vulnerable animals.

THANK YOU, Del Mar Times for supporting rescues, collaboration, beautiful busted nuggets and what is sure to be a pretty fantastical event.
Get your tickets today :


Flower essences, transforming lives, Nugget Love & the power of collaboration.

Thank you, Meg Harrison - founder of BlackWing Farms, for creating such an amazing product : flower essences - that help some of societies most vulnerable animals (in our shelter systems and beyond). Thank you, for being fearless & being the change. Thank you, for this incredibly kind and humbling write-up.

"About a year ago, I received an out of the blue phone call from Carla Naden, director of Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals, who asked if I'd be willing to use my "magical sprays" on some very special animals in need at the shelter. Of course I did! And a beautiful friendship/partnership was born. Before I knew it, I was swept up in her REVOLUTION OF LOVE with amazing staff and volunteers at the San Diego County Department of Animal Services, taking part in their enrichment program. BlackWing Farms’ Essences and Balms are now an active, daily part of kennel life for their dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. You’ll find bottles and jars on the morning cleaning carts, in the pockets of staff, in the aprons of volunteers, and often on the desk near the lobby!
Is it a coincidence? Adoption rates have increased and euthanasia rates have decreased since Carla started her revolution of love there. Yes, it takes a village and I'm so happy to be part of it all! Big shout-outs are in order for Vanessa Brush, volunteer coordinator, and Dawn Danielson, director of County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, for their extraordinary efforts to continually seek ways to improve the lives and well-being of every animal in their care every single day. Carla and I share a love of a Margaret Mead quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Welcome to the Revolution" - Meg Harrison

To find out more about BWF flower essences, visit their FB at =
or go directly to their website at - (


LEAD SAN DIEGO - Community Spotlight Award
Thank you, Channel 10!
For bestowing such a magnificent honor upon Synergy - The 10News Leadership Award. Whoopee!! We're so grateful for your coverage of animal welfare, your recognition of everything Synergy love stands for, and the work our entire rescue community does to support kindness, action, awareness & positive change.

We had a great time being interviewed by Kimberly Hunt (thank you, Kimberly). What a thrill it was to receive this award from LEAD San Diego President/CEO Vicky Carlson. And a big thank you also goes to Media4Women for their support of this program.

The most wonderful thing about this? It's really happening - mind blowing, heart expanding, progress! The community is catching on to & embracing these critical nugget issues <>

MAY 18, 2017
Synergy gets some lovin' in..
>>> People Doing Good<< series.
'Beauty comes in many forms.
Often the hardest, messiest moments are reflected on and seen with so much passion and growth. We always have the opportunity to change our perspective.'
Busted Love (nuggets) is the new cool.
Geriatric is magic, special needs is perfection and together, anything & everything is possible.
We would like to offer a huge writing in the sky "Thank you" to Rob Greenfield, Cheryl Davies & Drew McGill for recognizing Synergy in •People Doing Good• & creating this video ::: simply being recognized on behalf of the animals is humbling, thoughtful, and pretty amazing. The most wonderful thing about this? It's really happening - mind blowing, heart expanding, life saving progress/
Website Link >>>


Thank you, Sandie Lampe of Pet Patrol & KUSI News for featuring Synergy (Art), the Face foundation & Into the Sunset in your "memorialize your companion animal" segment. We are incredibly grateful! Together, we can make magic.

Link to segment ::


"How do we love? Not in big things but in small things with great love." Mother Theresa

Synergy is honored and humbled to receive the spotlight award from Points of Light, an organization who shines on people making a positive change in the world. We thank you for reading and sharing, and remember that all this love and light and positivity is for busted nuggets, for a betterment of society and a kinder treatment of every living being!