The art of saving lives

The art of saving lives

Why? Because you'll feel warm and fuzzy inside for so many reasons! Every single piece of animal artwork we create helps save the lives of animals. On top of that warm fuzziness, this unique, vivid, and fun artwork brings everlasting smiles and happy memories into your home. And it can transform a room from bland to beautiful just like that!

We all love our own animals, and we all love the incredible animals that are a party of Synergy. Our animal artwork honors both groups of animals and helps us continue our lifesaving work. To get your custom animal artwork created, please message us.

A devoted Animal artwork fan says - "You'll be amazed at how the animal's spirit is so truly captured in this artwork. Sometimes I look at the art and think about how cute my dogs are. Then I look at my dogs and again think about how cute they are. Then my eyes go back and forth between the real dogs and the art dogs until I just collapse into a pile of squishiness because it's all so cute and full of love."

This is how the process works
- email me a photo, you pick the birch wood size and we go from there...
- they are much more interesting in person (there is: paint, fabric, ink, letraset, collage, I can include words or imagery of your choosing as well…the pieces are very tangible)
- And 50% of the proceeds goes to the animals

A little love from San Diego Magazine:

The Art of "Artie Love" - By Geoff Isabelle :



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