Farewell old friend

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 09:05 -- animalsynergy

Farewell to our little Jack the Russell
Yesterday night, we said goodbye to a stoic little nugget, Jack the Russell. His frail body was ready and we honored him by helping him to be free. We love you & will miss you always.

Jack was able to experience comfort, love, and kindness and he got his dignity back. He was able to breathe deeply and eat amazing food and be a dog, even if it was just for a short period of time. He got to know what it feels like to be free of pain and what it feels like to be truly adored. Jack’s prognosis was short, yet it was such an honor to meet him and to spend the past few weeks with him. The truth is, he was trapped in a body that no longer served him - his spondylosis / spinal arthritis and other health issues were too advanced and a reasonable level of comfort was no longer attainable for him.

On behalf of Jack and countless others like him, please do not discriminate against adopting a dog based on its age. You have the ability to love, learn from, and appreciate a wise nugget just as much as you would a young pup. It is an honor to be able to nurture and love these older nuggets. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this - "I'll only have them for a year or so and that's just too hard for me - so i can't help. It's just too short & it'll make me too sad.”

But let's think differently about this for a second. What about the animals? I think everyone can agree they deserve just as much love and care as their younger brethren. Saving an older dog’s life is a blessing, and it teaches us so much about life, love, and resiliency. You will get to love an animal who has been on this planet for so many years, one who is wise, sophisticated, and has so many stories to tell. You’ll get to spend time with an animal who truly only wants one thing - love. Nothing bad can come from providing 3 simple things to these old nuggets: love, adoration, and pain-free living. Sure, you’ll be sad when you lose them, but the love, cherished memories, and knowing you helped the so-called "unhelp-able" is a privilege you will never forget!

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