I'm often asked this question...

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 20:10 -- animalsynergy

I'm often asked this question - "Isn't it hard to let the animals go to their forever homes after you've nurtured and loved them for so long?" Here's my two cents:

We love these animals with all our hearts. You must give them your all to help heal their broken body and sad spirit. To see them leave is always bittersweet. The journey we take with them is indescribable & life changing & the beauty they bring to everyone they encounter, especially their forever families, makes it all worth it. These LOVE NUGGETS will continue their journeys in their forever homes and continue to reach countless others through the stories they carry with them. Theirs is a story of survival, of love, of change, of inspiration. We cannot continue to Band-Aid problems in the shelter systems & all around us. We can be better, we can all do better and do more. I believe we all want the shelter systems & our communities to reach their full potential, and we have a responsibility to transform them into places of love and beauty and kindness. There is an equation to make this happen… Each animal we take in changes our lives and inspires us. We document their stories to inspire you. We take them in because they have no one else. We take them in because we are determined to show them love and kindness and dignity. We take them in because the time is now to change the world and create a life saving nation. Together we can and together we will.