Life - simply put : RESCUE FROM THE RUBBLE

Tue, 01/19/2016 - 13:54 -- animalsynergy

Rescue from the rubble (in Cabrera, DR).. with the super life changing, island hopping, non profit, Animal Balance & my incredibly inspiring (mentor and friend), Emma Clifford, the seed of love was planted

"As of late, actually in the past few months, I often think, what does connection of life mean to me... Life - create our own future through what we love most - be that art, animals, laughter, sprinkle that with fear, sunshine, the unknown, travel, love, friendships.. Fear can be so incredibly powerful and humbling when we can manage it, it's the best motivation. Stop feeling sorry for ourselves, stop letting fear and the idea of "perfection" get in our way.. "Scare yourself with ambition - use that fear to you're advantage! Use it to create something positive! We must stop telling ourselves that we can't do it." Its about being passionate about our calling. Simply give it a go... the reason I am here is because of fear, passion & glitter.

And when we find humans to join us in this journey - it means that someone has the ability to make us feel completely happy amongst the fear. You can't force it, or even search for it... Sometimes it's just too strange to be a coincident as you gotta just go for it." ~mg #bethechange