Rabbi Brian Reyes has SARDS

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 09:25 -- animalsynergy

My Bestie is Blind

The Kearny Mesa Eye Clinic saw Rabbi today. They did a bunch of tests as well as an ERG (think of it like an EKG but for the retina) - which concluded that Rabbi has SARDS. This means Rabbi is suddenly blind...

I left to go back East, and returned on Wednesday night to discover my best friend, Rabbi (whom I’ve had for awhile; rescued off the streets of TJ), could not see me. I was shocked and sad.. Rabbi visited the eye specialist this morning, who confirmed that he has SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) = out-of-the-blue, sudden blindness. And it’s permanent. There was no warning. There was no preparation for this.

I am familiar with blind dogs, special needs dogs... & think of them no differently then their seeing eye, healthy, counterpart. I was just so surprised & caught off guard by this news. Thoughts were racing through my mind like, “Rabbi’s favorite things to do are to play ball and gaze into my eyes" (yes, he will most likely learn to play ball again and always remember my face, but these are just my human, knee-jerk reactions). And I AM bummed for Rabbi (oh, anthropomorphization...). This is a major change and it happened with no warning and WE WILL ADJUST & WE WILL BE FINE. Animals go through life changes, just like people, and we can’t pity them or diminish their quality of life. It’s just the opposite! Rabbi and I are looking forward to all the new types of adventures we’re going to have together, starting this weekend. Rabbi will come with us on a camping trip to Mexico, where he’ll be showered with love and snuggles by lots of adoring ladies (he IS the ultimate ladies man, after all). I LOVE him. He’s my baby.

Though emotions are running high, we are so lucky this is not a life threatening condition. SARDS = the retina gets detached, causing blindness. Nobody knows why it happens, but studies are being done.

I want to share this new journey we’re going on because it’s such an amazing lesson in adapting to life’s curveballs and learning a new way of living. Rabbi and I still love each other more than anything in the world, and the only way I see this going is that now we’re going to love each other even more! We’re ready to get creative with how we interact with the world, and I plan to give Rabbi the most incredible and happiest life possible.

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