Specialty Beings: Pity & Fear.

Sat, 10/29/2016 - 07:05 -- animalsynergy

We tend to focus on the special needs element as a hindrance, as something sad or broken. We also focus on things like heart disease, a busted hip, nappy teeth as something wrong - instead of seeing it as a condition that is treatable/ manageable with proper medical care (something everyone should be privy too - both companion animals and human animals). It's time to see life through loving lenses, to become a voice for the voiceless, and to implement Action, together!

PITY & FEAR - These are major disservices to any living being. Pity does not foster long-term change... pity does not foster magic. Instead, throw pity into the garbage disposal and embrace these beauties and their specialties. Fear not, we say. >>> Unique qualities are elements that should be embraced, celebrated, and respected - not cast in sorrow (you cannot do a lot of good when you're constantly feeling sad and bad for these animals - yes, it may spur you into action initially - but sadness is not only unnecessary and unsustainable, it just doesn't lend itself to a quality way of life). Yep, they may be "different"... but different is awesome! We learn and grow from different...the same-same all the time ain't that exciting and it doesn't teach us much.

We are here to learn. Let's learn together and let's rally to learn from these amazin' love nuggets .. Don't turn your back on these beauties, don't feel bad for them, don't give up on them (they would never ever even entertain the idea of giving up on us.) They teach all of us how to love immeasurably and they love us just as hard in return...

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