Pancha Cha Cha T-A

Pancha Cha Cha T-A ::: A D O P T ED

From foster to forever-ever :: Little Miss "Crunchy" busted love nugget extraordinaire has officially been adopted!!!

Take your dreams by the hand, grab a hold tightly and swim with it (like a mermaid) ::: Age does not matter <>
it is never-ever too late to be the change & to do the unimaginable.

Cha Cha (aka) Crunchy has her very own forever family (former foster momma Vanessa) for forever-ever more..

Vanessa has these wicked wonderful words to share :: "Today marks one year since we tragically lost our first foster; Miss One Eye Audrey Hepburn. Fostering her for just 3 months drastically changed all of us, including our other animals; particularly our dog Citra. Losing Audrey was nothing short of miserable. We took about a month to collect ourselves and then we welcomed a new foster; Pancha T-A into our home. As many of you already know, we refer to her most of the time as Cha Cha but also call her Crunchy because of her arthritic knees. Cha Cha is a two-toothed poop-eating nugget and we wouldn't have it any other way. She's blossomed into a very bossy, particular little dog and we've loved every second with her. Zack and I both enjoy talking about Audrey and often we comment on what it would have been like to have both Audrey & Cha Cha along with our dog Citra. We've been fostering Cha Cha for almost a year now and when I brought up with Zack the subject of adopting her, his response was: "I thought we already did". Cha Cha came to us in need of extensive care; she needed to be spayed, have an umbilical hernia that was strangling her intestines repaired, declaws removed and 13 teeth extracted. The few days we had to spend with her before her surgery she slept 23 hours of the day and preferred to keep to herself. The day after her surgery she was a completely different dog; wagging her tail." - Vanessa Clegg​

We are so proud of all these fearlesslt loving people who come together on behalf of these amazing busted nuggets - it's such a wild ride & a total privilege...

Let's all celebrate their unique qualities, treat their medical needs, honor their amazingness, cherish their resilience, love them madly and learn from them. We celebrate them by sharing their stories. We do this to spread awareness, teach acceptance & promote positive change on a large scale.

Together, We become the revolution of love. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder that love, open-mindedness, patience, proper care and acceptance is really what it is all about. This adoption is a reminder of the real life magic...

Don't ever let fear get in your way... Love madly, be kind, never take no for an answer and watch as the real tangible beauty unfolds.

.*in pic - Carl the Cat, Citra & Cha Cha