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Animal Synergy rescues super senior, special needs, and terminally ill animals who are slated to be destroyed at animal control. Their souls are restored for whatever time remains. Our goal is to provide respect and dignity to all beings, no matter their age, appearance, or health status.


*We are a last-resort rescue.* We work closely with rescue organizations and humane societies to take in the super special needs animals. We work behind the scenes, and we welcome you to take a peek and ride this rollercoaster with us.

This journey cannot be measured with numbers or dollars, it is “repaid” in the currency of the heart.: Carla Naden is the Director of Animal Synergy.


"I can enthusiastically say, that Animal Synergy is the most special organization a senior or special needs animal can hope for." - Julie

"Animal Synergy has established itself as the leader in San Diego’s rescue community, specifically for senior animals. Other rescues, including the local animal shelter, continually seek consultation with Animal Synergy for extremely challenging cases." - Jen Stiff

"Animal Synergy is not your typical rescue; electing often to serve as a last resort lifeline, they never shy away from the toughest of cases. They are deeply community-minded, and frequently provide consulting and support to a network of rescues and adopters, keeping an animal’s wellbeing at the heart of their mission."

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