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.: Our Magical Foster Cluster Program :.


Let's “tawlk” Foster Cluster, shall we?

A “clustah” is a group of fantastical humans who would like to foster, be empowered, love and learn about special needs and super senior busted love nuggets... become part of a community and still go on vacation at the drop of a hat! You foster on a short-term term cyclical basis....

This consists of 3 families who rotate every 2-4 weeks

You become part of the love cluster who together will provide all the spoiling and smushicorn snuggles for that one special love nugget & ideally, set a precedent to change the world. 

Of course, we only do this when it is in the best interest of the love nugget. If they like it that is fantastic, if it ain’t their gig, no dice… we find one family for them.


We all work as a group to support one another, to better help our communal nuggets in need, and to educate society as a whole :: this is a life-changing rainbow of love and learning.

if you’ve always wanted to help out & the commitment of fostering or adopting is too much for your lifestyle, please consider becoming part of a foster cluster! in the end, your heart will be the biggest winner. (Animal synergy continues to fund and organize any medical care as well:)


email :

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