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Made with love. Made for all.

**We ask you to please take a moment & read our post. this is very important & has the potential to help so many people and significantly change lives everywhere** when we change the words, we change that feeling and ultimately we change the outcome. 


Most of y’all know that Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals, aka Animal Synergy, is a rescue for super seniors, special needs & hospice animals who have run out of time at animal control. We are a last resort rescue;  >>>>><<> HOWEVER, anyone who believes in the transformative magic of compassion, collaboration, and creativity… is part of our family. and while we can’t take in every animal, we are here to help - feel less alone, and no longer hopeless, if you simply have some questions and need advice, or resources… perhaps are feeling overburdened, overwhelmed, or need medical advice .. Etc.:  Give us a holler -


"Sometimes it feels like you’re looking into just a big black hole and then you see Animal Synergy & their Compassion Consulting Program … You see Carla's glitter and sparkle with all her busted nugget love and you know it’s gonna be OK no matter what. With the compassion consulting program, I became “Animal Synergy Family” with invaluable access to counsel from Carla and the Animal Synergy board (Emma & Byron) but the guidance has generously stretched well beyond that to other dogs in my care, animals outside of the network, and even to friends with animals in need.”  Ashli, The Shore Sanctuary


In a nugget shell (get it, nutshell) -  We are here to help.  To “hold” your hand and join you on your journey, whatever that may be..


We have a large network of tools and resources and advisors who can help with expert knowledge, advice,….  a new perspective, and a sparkle. we will do our best to help. You will be amazed at what we can do when we come together! You’ll see..


We help problem solve. We don’t give up. we do our best to find a solution. It’ll always be okay, no matter what. Be patient and believe. The so-called impossible as possible.: Ozzing that glitter gold, raining upon us. #TINYVICTORIES #GoldenBitS & #LOVEGOLD.

it is time to GIRRRDLE-ON.


We are here to set a new precedent of empowering more people >>> so everyone helps everybody else >>> and this is the big lovefest of people learning together >>> this is how we make great changes in our world. through kindness, love, helping one another, sharing knowledge, seeking counsel, and ALWAYS giving back.


call, text, email, fax, SMOKE SIGNAL :) …



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